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We strive for the best possible service with our clients. Hear it directly from them and how we have helped:

They really came through for me. Came quickly, set up their whole getup (fans, dryers, etc…) and got the damage under control quickly. They worked with me on the insurance front as I was a renter and my landlords had different insurance.
I will definitely use them again. (hopefully won’t have to…) – Lior G.

I had a very good, seamless experience with Water Damage Rescue.  They took care of everything in a prompt manner.  Moshe was there to answer all of my questions, and made sure the work was done to my liking.  He worked very easily with the Insurance Company, and there was not really any Hassle.  Of course, nobody wants to have to have a Water Damage Company in their home, but if you find yourself in that position, I would definitely call Water Damage Rescue. – Staci F.

I had a fine experience with Water Damage Rescue.  Most of my dealings were with Ori, the owner of the company, and I found him to be courteous, professional, and accommodating to my schedule.  I had water damage under the tiles in my upstairs bathroom and a puddle sitting in my living room ceiling due to a leak.  They cleared out all the water, patched up and repainted the ceiling, and replaced the tile and repainted the bathroom walls due to damage that occurred from the demolition.  They got all the necessary work done in a timely manner and with quality, and I didn’t pay a dime over my insurance deductible.  Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about this company based on my experience.  I thought they were great. – Michael W.

I have had the professional privilege of Working with Moshe of Water Damage Rescue.  It is rare to find someone in the business world that cares for their customers and goes above and beyond to take care of their customers as Moshe does.  It is refreshing to see the amount of care and customer service and understanding that Moshe and his crew displays towards their customers, so much so that I personally would encourage and give reference to any customer to use his services. – Jackie K.

The Water Damage Rescue team is truly exceptional. As soon as I called them, they came about 30 minutes later. They removed all the water sitting on my floor, dropped off some drying machines, and less than a week later my house was dry. They redid the carpet and hardwood floors, and I couldn’t have asked for a better job. The team is professional, truthful, and deal directly with the insurance so I didn’t have to worry about the bill. – Omer B.

I am lucky enough to have used Water Damage Rescue for a couple of horrible water leaks- I praise the day I saw his van driving around Woodland Hills and called his number. He was on the ball from day one – mitigating awful toilet water damage – which would have eaten my house away. I cannot say enough good things about Moshe who batted for me from day one and saved my home from the terrible consequences of untreated water damage. I found him completely honest and his workers were trustworthy. When I read anything less than a glowing review, all I can imagine is that a competitor is being underhand as he truly is the best. – Geraldine W.

Moshe, The owner, was extremely professional and trustworthy.  He worked hard with my family to help fix our house after it was damaged by a flood.  He has an extremely talented team who will work around the clock to help you fix whatever needs to get fixed.  I really appreciated the work they did for my family and I will recommend them to anybody who asks. – Matan N.

The team at water damage rescue are truly professional and know what they are doing. I was worried that I would have to pay out of pocket, and wasn’t sure if i could trust them, but it turned out that they dealt directly with the insurance and got me covered 100%! Truly a good faith company. – Dina S.

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